My name is Adolfo Correa.
I am a Graphic Designer  + Art Director  + Illustrator
from Santiago de Chile,
currently living in Spain.
I do a lot of things but always
related to Visual Communication.


I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer since I can't live without exploring new creative fields. Images and graphic design obsess me and I do believe design is a parameter for everything in life, since the way you connect with people until the way you do things. Details. It is all about details. They are the key to improve everything. “Always improving” I told myself when I decided to quit my job, leave my confort zone in Chile and start over in Spain. Such a challenge!
Digital is ok but analogue rules! My yoga moment: desk + pencils + paper & music (Bolero of Ravel is my favorite to start a new drawing). 
I am a designer who loves illustration and lucky me that I could integrate it into my everyday workflow.
Here you can find a selection of my last works in Branding, Motion, 3D, Editorial, Typography TreatmentsStyleframes for videos and TV series, together with other fun stuff.

I can’t live without moving, I'd like to live in as many cities as I can.
Travel, explore, learn.





IDN Magazine (Hong Kong, Worldwide)
Logo Design 3 (TASCHEN, Worldwide)
Advanced Photoshop (UK magazine)
Typography Today (Book by Art power)
Typography 2 (Book by zeixs, Germany)
Baetulona Book (Brrothers, Spain)
International Design Year Book 2011
DAHRA Gallery
Interview Fest

Featured / Destacado

Semplice Labs
DesignTaxi (portfolio of the week)
Psd+Tuts (100 artworks from the top 20 digital
artist in Latinamerica)
Typo/graphic Posters
Design you trust

Speaker / Charlas

· Rayarte 2017, Speech & Workshop, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.
· 6º Festival Internacional de Diseño / Pixelations Visual Tour, Córdoba, Argentina.
· Pecha Kucha Night, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile.
· Behance Reviews, Santiago de Chile.

Clients / Worldwide

HBO / Game of Thrones / Sr. Ávila / Capadocia  ·  Playstation  ·  NBA  ·  Timberland  ·  Sony Channel  ·  Volkswagen  ·  Essie  ·  Tous  ·  Barcleys

Clientes / Latin America

Chilevision  ·  Festival de Viña del Mar  ·  Canal 13  ·  Cencosud  ·  Jumbo  ·  Paris  ·  Santa Isabel  ·  Soprole  ·  TVN  ·  Armada de Chile  ·  Ilko ·  CDF


36 days of Type, Vasava Gallery, Barcelona.

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You can request to this email my full commercial folio and CV.

· Murcia · Santiago de Chile.
© 2017 Copyright Adolfo Correa, all rights reserved.