Zero Waste.

Early this year 2021 I had the opportunity to work for Absolut commisioned by the good people at Swipe Back (Paris, France).
They asked me to develop a set of illustrations and animations to give more dynamic and fun to a video cocktail tutorial shown across Absolut platforms in France. As I was free to propose a visual language, I wanted to create a colorful and modern swedish landscape for the intro and some elegants and clean illustrations for the recipe and the final shot.
With the help of my animator partners, we also added some quick 2D details and patterns across the entire video to make it more appealing to the viewers.

Special thanks to Sebastián Muñoz for his support animating and good vibes.

Agency: Swipe Back (Paris, France)
Client: Absolut
Art Director / Designer: Adolfo Correa
Illustrations: Adolfo Correa, Sebastián Muñoz.
Animation: Adolfo Correa, Sebastián Muñoz, Cristián Morales.