Cashapp asked me to produce and direct a serie of short animations for their social medias to communicate their main products, features and the new tools for the app. Cashapp  is a mobile payment service with more than 36 millions active users in United States and Uk.
Commissioned by Traffic NYC and worked along with GREY Los Angeles, I had the pleasure to direct this fun project with the help of my partners designers from Mexico, Spain and Chile. Together we designed and animated around 25 loops in almost 2 months playing around illustration, typography, 3D, rotoscopy and frame by frame animations, a big challenge in such a short period of time.
This is a selection of the best loops that we did. 

Special thanks to my partners for this project. Check out their cool and dedicated work.
Agustina Gastaldi / Alex Vargas / David Milan / Carlos Caraya

Agent Partner: Traffic NYC - Grey Los Angeles.
Client: Cashapp
Creative Direction: Adolfo Correa
Designers: Agustina Gastaldi, David Milan, Alex Vargas, Carlos Caraya, Adolfo Correa.
2D Designers/Animators: Agustina Gastaldi, Carlos Caraya, Adolfo Correa.
3D Designers/Animators: Agustina Gastaldi, Alex Vargas.
Year: 2020