Dance, dance, dance!

D A N C E, D A N C E, 
D A N C E.

This is the first set of loops from one of my personal explorations as a design therapy. 
I love dancing, I love different kind of music, I love and I am learning as a side project a little bit of frame by frame animation. I love photoshop and this is what happens when you put all of them in a blender.

Super happy to say that one of my animations was included in DEMO FESTIVAL AMSTERDAM this year 2019. So I had the opportunity to show my work in differents screen inside the Amsterdam Central Station.



One of the many screens inside the Gran Central Station in Amsterdam featured the first loop I worked inspired in my favourite music band called The Prodigy. The dancer is the amazing Leeroy Thornhill who saw the loop on instagram and shared some love and likes.

Credits: Demo Festival & Aad Hoogendoorn.



Second one is a loop that I stole took from a video made
by one of my favourite dancers called Lil Buck



The third from this first set is another talented actor and dancer. Shameik Moore.
I made the loop after watching his movie "Dope" pretty late this year.